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Development of Agriculture Sector

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As we all know Pakistan is basically an agriculture country. Most of our population lives in villages and they are doing we can say at the very outset that agriculture is backbone of our economy and we largely depend upon it.Development of Agriculture Sector
We all know that our industrial sector also depend upon raw material produced by our agriculture like tobacco, cotton sugarcane, oil seeds and many others and such raw material is being used different industries of the country. We can say rightly that our industrial production will be badly affected if we fail in our aggro sector and does not provide raw material.
We all well aware that aggro development is not so rapid in Pakistan. There are a lot of factors which are responsible for low production in this sector. Our farmers are not well _acquainted with the modern methods of farming. They are not educated.
And due to lack of modern know how they are unable to use new and modern ways and methods and still they are using old and traditional methods of irrigation and is tragic fact that a large portion of rain and river water goes wasted because we don’t have proper system of storage. And some of our areas have not canal water’s availability, So mostly crops depend upon rain water. Good quality seeds and manures are not in reach of our farmers.
Our farmer is not well aware about the usage of medicines which can control or may avoid crop diseases which badly affect our aggro-products. We are in grip of vicious circle of poverty so our farmers are not in a position to use and afford sink tube wells in their fields to meet the need of water.
Marketing of the crops to the cities is not so speedy. And it is also fact that our farmer cannot get adequate amount of their labor.
Distribution of land area is not favorable. Some land lords have a lot of areas of land which they are using according to their will and our poor farmers are being exploited by that attitude.
And we want to give all of you example of japan .japan is not rich in aggro products as we are but its amazing that japan is developed country of the world the reason is so simple they are doing hard work and their exports imports system best management and best use of available resources that japan made things like car and many machinery are demanded all over the world. And for a moment think we ,we who are rich in natural resources but poor in management and usage. How many progress we can made if we do our job with sincerity and much hard work.
In order to increase the output of the crops the farmers should use most modern methods and tools for cultivation. Our Govt should provide healthy and good quality seeds to our farmers. Medicines and manures should be provided to them at very cheaper rates. There should be a system a best and free of interest loan system for our farmers so may they purchase good quality seeds aggro tools etc.
Govt should form a team of experts to introduce the farmers to the use of pesticides and insecticides to avoid loss of crops. And area which is most barren should be brought under cultivation to increase the aggro products so may we will be able to fulfill the growing needs of our population. The irrigation system should also be reformed and new dams should be built to may we save water and able to generate electricity.
At the end we will say that media should also play its role in an effective way, and should make different programs in local language so that our farmers may able to understand and can avail from such sort of programs and such programs should be seen at proper time by our farmers, and agriculture university also playing an important role there should be some academies in which our people may get knowledge and information related to their problems
At the end we will wait of your comments and requesting that we can make progress only when we do work individually and then we can compete with growing requirements and we can fulfill food needs of our population.

This article is written by Wafa Akbar Awan and Shah Dil Awan for FM Urdu all rights reserved.

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