Ecosystem Producers Consumers

Ecosystem Producers Consumers


Ecosystem Producers Consumers , The living organisms system and their physical environment make an ecosystem. So the word ecosystem is invented by author “Tensely” in 1935. In ecosystem, two factors are important.
Biotic components are living components of ecosystem and Abiotic components are non living.
There are two major kinds of ecosystem
Natural ecosystem and man made ecosystem
The major energy source in ecosystem is sun from where energy is transferred into the trophic levels,
carnivores and herbivores.


Due to these autotrophic which make their food own. These include green plants.


In case of these are heterotrophic organisms, cannot make their own food. Finally they decompose complex substance
into simple ones.
Primary consumers are those which eat only herbivores.
Due to Secondary consumers eat herbivores and tertiary eat secondary ones.
Omnivores are those which eat both plants and animals.
So Decomposers are those which eat dead organic matter.

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