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Malala Yousafzai, We and Our Enemies

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Malala Yousafzai, We and Our Enemiesmalala yousafzai
Me Wafa Akber Awan and with me Shah Dil Awan. We are Muslims and thought we have to write in a different way not an emotional way. We don’t know from where we have to start, first of all we want to say that it is against our religious and we strongly condemn it and by heart and soul against of it all. We know very well it is tragedy for all of us, but it is not a new one ,although it is 21st century and we say we are modern alas!Ah alas! In some issues we are much conservative. Anyway, we don’t want to be so exaggerated about the condition of our society and just want to highlight the issue of Malala, Shaiza, Kinat Ejaz are assist of our nation at the very outset we salute to all these brave girls and by which way they are treated its tragedy for all of us.
If you say that it is concept of our religion as it is mindset of some specific group of the arrival of Islam our beloved HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) say that “education is the right of man and women” and our Islam is only one religious which point out and highlight the identity of woman
I am not in the favor of concept that Pakistani society’s mindset upon the exploited of women and against education not at all you can observe even a gardener or a sweeper of nation who maximum 5 to 6 thousand pay only but he want and in a wish that may his children get education that person want that his daughter get education so by telling all of you that it is clear our outlook towards education is in the favor of it. Malala , Kinat and Shaiza are brave girls and proud of our nation and we cannot put it into words our feelings but we are requesting  that please kindly don’t be emotional beyond the limits
And listen no doubt Malala is proud  but why we are all so selfish and here i want to point out  the role of media it is good and best that we point out all conditions of Malala I am with Malala , Kinat and Shaiza but we are really hurt that our govt does not pay attention to Kinat and Shaiza as facilities are providing to Malala. They are also daughter of our nation but we ignore them badly and they were deprived of basic medical facilities it is role of media which is not properly playing and fulfill by media but we all have to point out and government should also provide facilities to Kinat and Shaiza they are injured and their parents were bearing their medical expenses anyway we are sure that some sensible people will think and will take action and in favor of it. Malala , Kinat and Shaiza fight and are being fighting against this system and injured Kinat vows to continue education.
I am thankful to lawyers which are powerful  tool of my society  and lawyer ‘s boycott in protest against Malala ‘s attack and we are really thanks a lot of Afghan students for their pure feelings for my nation ‘s daughters. Swat a naturally beautiful valley  which is spoiled by attack on Malala , Kinat and Shaiza and big tragedy is that every day there are a lot of Malala , Kinat and Shaiza who are fighting and as a result death become their fate some days before a husband combined his wife by silver chains around her on the birth of third daughter. Daughter which is sign of blessing on her birth many people in her family and out of family does not congratulate nor celebrate nor welcome her why because she is a girl no one think that she is a human being an innocent child at the birth of her she is facing such view and as by growth of her she outlook will developed.
Whenever we girls say we will do some job some welfare projects and social work we are hurt by saying that you are not able and enough as your brother whenever a girl have to go somewhere and even to a market says go with your brother or although a four or five year brother it means girls have no identification and brother who is only of five years is being preferred to first of all we have to change such outlook at the gross root

First of all we have to change such outlook and concept of society so may not of us any Malala, Shaiza and Kinat hurt and some very bad people in shape of terrorist who are apparently seeker of heaven and they are infect going towards hell they used the name of Islam pak religion and they are kidnaper terrorists who wanted to set up their region and take the control of any specific valley and province so they may able to capture all what they liked and listen us carefully at this point in our religious a universal religious Islam on the arrival of khatoon -e janat HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) stand for her which show the dignity ,greatness of a woman. Hazra Umaaey AMMERA fought in war and she was brave enough and too much strong character and a brave girl of our Islam is not as it is being presented.

We are praying for all of our three sisters and all of girls who are facing same problems but does not highlighted so we are sure all of you will agree on it and in sha ALLAH. We will be able to change such concept ,and we are saying thanks to president Asif and prime minister that they provide health medical facilities to Kinat and Shaiza although much late but thanks a lot all of such persons who paid attention anyway please we are requesting all of people that please change your outlook and i go forward  as a matter of Talban they are extremist and want to take reform in society  and such reforms brings terrorism in our society what is benefit and advantage of this reforms? ? ? ? ? ?killing of innocent people kidnap of innocent child ,destruction of law and order .Talban restricted and make bound people from taking rights.
We strongly appreciate Malala for her fighting of peace. She got peace prize by Desmond Tutu and first national peace prize 9th October 2012.and we are proud of this great achievement. Our aim of writing this article is to make all of aware about something which you identified and at the end requesting “recognize us first of all as a human being we have some feelings heart soul and we also feel pain by our wounds so feel our existence in this universe as a girls. Thanks a lot all of you and requesting of prayer for all of our girls. We will wait of your comments with Shah Dil Awan n Wafa Akber Awan with praying all of our readers may all have got what you wished be happy forever ever and ever Ameen


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