Pollution Facts Types

Pollution Facts Types

Pollution Facts Types

Pollution is any physical, chemical and biological change in the environment. And Pollution Facts Types are substances which directly release in to the environment. There are two major types of pollutants.
Bio degradable and non biodegradable.
Non- Bio degradable substances:
Some substances degrade very slowly and pollute our environment. These are called bio degradable substances.
Bio degradable substances:
The degradation of substances by the activity of living organisms, this is called bio degradable substances.
There are different types of pollution. Some are discussed below:

Air pollution:

The direct or indirect activity of human beings left some harmful substances in the environment. This is called air pollution.
The substances which cause air pollution called air pollutants.
The major problems of air pollution are as follows:

Photochemical smog:

The radiations which reflect back into the environment absorb and trap by air pollutants cause dense fog and it called photochemical smog.
There are two major pollutants that cause photochemical smog is hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide.
They both react and cause ozone and PAN. Due to Ozone reduced plant growth and cause respiratory and nervous disorders.
Acid rain:
SO2 added into the environment by the burning of fossil fuels and by automobile exhaust, the NO2 added into the environment. In case of these gases react with water vapors and produce HNO3 and H2SO4.these acids comes on earth along with rain. This is called acid rain. It damage soil and also aquatic life.

Green house effect:

When radiation reflects back into the atmosphere, green house gas traps these and reflects again towards earth. This is called green house effect. As a result the temperature of earth atmosphere increases. So CFCs, methane, carbon dioxide are some green house gases.

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