Water Pollution

Water pollution

Water pollution

Damage the quality of water and make it unused for drinking by the activity of human beings is called water pollution. The substances which cause water pollution are called water pollutants.
The effects and problems of water pollution are as follows:
Epidemics of diseases:
When the contamination of drinking water occurs, cholera and typhoid diseases caused.
It is basically the enrichment of inorganic nutrients on water surface. These nutrients form algal blooms on the surface of water.
Ozone depletion:
When the salts are going into the streams, lakes during flow from soil with help of rain water, they damage aquatic life.

Metal toxicity:

Arsenic & mercury are harmful toxins that damage the aquatic life.
Living organisms works at very specific heat capacity. Any change occurs in water heat capacity change the aquatic life.
Soil pollution
Any harmful physical, chemical and biological change in the nature of soil called soil pollution.
The substances that cause soil pollution called soil pollutants.
These used to kill herbs. They retain in soil for long  time and cause pollution in it.
In Case of These added to soil to kill insects. But they also cause beneficial insects.
So This is the very large group of soil pollutants.
Fungicides: They disturb soil food chain.

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