Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Teacher education is very important in every society because feature generation is depend on them,if teacher is not well trained then how he will teach to students. That,s why it is compulsory teacher should make himself properly up to date with knowledge in that way he can guide the children in good way.

Teacher Education

If you want teacher give the education to children with fresh mind, first of all you should increase the salary of teachers,then he just forget about family problem and he give full concentration on children,if teacher salary is less then he can,t concentrate on children properly because he just always thinking about family problem.Even if you give training to teacher properly,if there salaries are not increase they can,t focus on children properly. He will not give full concentration on children. Its effect will occurred on feature generation.


Teachers are important ever in society. A good teacher make good nation. Normally Government did not  facilitate The Teachers. Hence this is bad fact because If teacher confused in financial mater he never put attention on students. So its particularly important must facilitate teachers. Teachers grooming is next step. So Proper update teachers about any change in books.

This article written by Amisha Malik for FM Urdu Network. So All Rights Reserved.

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